Links For December 24, 2014

Q-Tip Talks To Iggy Azalea About Hip-Hop’s Origins and Growth (with tweets)

hiphop is fun it’s vile it’s dance it’s traditional it’s light hearted but 1 thing it can never detach itself from / is being a SOCIO-Political movement. U may ask why … Well / based on the tangled and treacherous history SLAVERY alone this is the case / it never leaves our conversation… Ever. WeAther in our universities our dinner tables our studios or jail cells / the effects still resononates with us. It hurts… We get emotional and angry and melancholy

Why do Women Really Leave Architecture?

The AR’s survey showed that of architects who claimed to dress like architects, women were much more likely than men to answer that their gender obscured their identity. Do female architects dress how they feel an architect should in fear of their gender getting in the way? I’d believe that. The new battle then is less for women in architecture than for femininity in architecture, whether it’s brought by women or men. Success will be marked by a fluffy pink jumper worn unnoticed.

2014: The Year Women Took Over Punk Music

My band, Chumped, still gets compared to Bikini Kill frequently, and while I’m flattered, I can’t help but think it’s a lazy comparison based on a very narrow scope of woman-fronted punk bands. Historically, women have been always been in the “club,” but for some reason, we’ve been a lot less visible than our male counterparts. That has changed.

Pussy Riot Performs Le Tigre’s “Deceptacon”

무키무키만만수 안드로메다

El El - 40 Watt