Links For December 24, 2013

The Mundane Afrofuturist Manifesto

We also recognize: The harmless fun that these and all the other Stupidities have brought to millions of people. The harmless fun that burning the Stupidities will bring to millions of people. The imaginative challenge that awaits any Mundane Afrofuturist author who accepts that this is it: Earth is all we have. What will we do with it? The chastening but hopefully enlivening effect of imagining a world without fantasy bolt-holes: no portals to the Egyptian kingdoms, no deep dives to Drexciya, no flying Africans to whisk us off to the Promised Land. The possibilities of a new focus on black humanity: our science, technology, culture, politics, religions, individuality, needs, dreams, hopes, and failings. The surge of bedazzlement and wonder that awaits us as we contemplate our own cosmology of blackness and our possible futures.

Twitter Shows Epidemic of School Boredom

If you search Twitter for the words “boring” and “class,” you will suddenly find yourself back in high school. Most of the posts are forgettable, obscenity-laced rants. But some are remarkable, like flares of creativity and rage rising up out of the school into the sky. If you spend enough time in this digital graffiti gallery, you’ll find both an indictment of high school and worrisome signs about some students’ abilities to cope by means other than digital escape. But what’s most amazing, given the dangers of schoolhouse boredom, is how little we know about it.

What’s blocking Bertha? Answers elude engineers

State transportation officials said Friday it will likely be several more weeks before they know what’s in the way of the world’s largest tunnel boring machine, which ground to a halt Dec. 6 after hitting something.

The Resurgence Of Electronic Classical Music