Links For December 22, 2014

The Hard Data on Being a Nice Boss

Contrary to what many believe, Adam Grant’s data shows that nice guys (and gals!) can actually finish first, as long as they use the right strategies that prevent others from taking advantage of them.In fact, other research has shown that acts of altruism actually increase someone’s status within a group.

A word about the future. | Lucky Frame

What is important is that with very few exceptions, for three years we were uncompromising about the games we wanted to make, we made them as well as we possibly could, and we marketed them to the best of our ability. While we didn’t make very much money, I think anyone who has worked in any creative field will agree that making enough to cover your costs and continue creating is a massive success. We certainly felt that way. And now, we’ve decided to move on. Lucky Frame is no longer working on any games, and won’t be releasing anything in the foreseeable future.

How ThinkUp is doing as a business

Typically, tech companies or startups only ever do two kinds of updates about their businesses. Either there’s some big milestone like funding or a product release, where they proudly shout “We’re killing it!” or there’s a quiet post like you find on Our Incredible Journey, announcing that the company is winding down. But most of the time, most companies are muddling through somewhere in between, including our company ThinkUp.

Updating Centuries-Old Folklore With Puzzles And Power-Ups

[We found] that the last living person to tell the story was a master storyteller named Robert Cleveland. Amy and her team did an amazing job, and they located the oldest living offspring of Robert — a woman named Minnie Gray, who is in her 80s, I believe.... And we brought her in and we were able to start a series of conversations with her.... And we were delighted when she really was encouraging us not only to use her father’s story for inspiration, but to adapt it and evolve it for the game context. One of the things she taught us was that storytelling is not a fixed act. Different storytellers bring their own sensibilities and their own attitudes, and they change a story based on the context and the situation. So she said that based on the work we had done so far, she felt that it was clear that we were handling this appropriately and that we were doing what we needed to do.

Five Feminist Moments in the History of Video Games

Games that present women as fully developed humans, or that communicate feminist values through a focus on cooperation or compassion, are all too rare. Here are five that thrilled us, moved us, or just made us feel like there is a place for us in the world of video games.


Dear internet, here is a crazy challenge for you. Design a game prototype where the rules fit in <=128 characters, tweet it w/ #128CharGame