Links for December 2, 2013

Today in the critical reevaluation of Geocities: making the most of its city metaphor, drawing an analogy between Geocities/Facebook and informal/planned formation of neighborhoods.

In the online world, Facebook regularly attempts just such formalizations. Consider the concept of "friending" another person.... On Facebook, there is only one type of relationship: friend. Because of this, one doesn’t (generally) friend people they haven’t met. And so communities on Facebook tend to reflect and preserve relationships out in the world. Who would meet a total stranger online and give that person instant access to the entirety of their private digital life? A decade of users on Facebook provide the answer: not many. As Jacobs argues, this flattening of the nuances of human relationships cannot produce a meaningful community. This has happened across most, if not all, social media platforms. And as a result, communities like Petsburg disappeared.

The Smithsonian has posted a handwritten outline that John Coltrane made for “A Love Supreme.”

In the manuscript, Coltrane writes that the “A Love Supreme” motif should be “played in all keys together.” In the recording of “Acknowledgement,” Coltrane indeed repeats the basic theme near the end in all keys, as if he were consciously exhausting every path.

Cornelius has posted some short tracks from his soundtrack for Ghost in the Shell Arise.

Robyn meets a robot modeled after her. It’s awkward, but not as creepy as it could be.