Links for December 15, 2015

I Sing the Story Electric – Brian Moriarty unearths pre-digital examples of interactive narrative.

One of my lectures covers the history of interactive narrative.... Recent discoveries have made it necessary for me revise my curriculum. I thought this gathering of practitioners would be an appropriate place to share these revisions.... When I informed conference organizer Eric Zimmerman what I would be showing at NYU this afternoon, he accused me of fabricating a hoax. Assuredly, I am not that clever.

How Casio accidentally started reggae's digital revolution

Okuda, however, is the true twist in this tale. Prior to her job as Music Creator and Music Engineer at Casio, and working on the MT40, she was a fan of reggae.... “I guess there was something reggae-like about the [sleng teng] rhythm. I recall being touched by the fact that what I had been listening to everyday, seemed to show in the product,”

AudioCubes: modular audiovisual instrument for professional artists

The AudioCubes can detect each other’s relative location and orientation as well as sense distance to each other, as well to your hands or other objects nearby. All the data is wirelessly transmitted and in real time to the base station cube which is connected to the computer. The MIDI data can then be used in Synthor to make your own sounds or can be send to any other MIDI compatible software or hardware.

björk: mouth mantra