Links for December 14, 2018

How To Kill Your Tech Industry

After hitting the glass ceiling first in government and then in industry, Shirley did what women were supposed to do—what the two Annes and so many other women had been encouraged to do—she got married and resigned from her position. But, unlike the Annes, she wasn’t happy about it.... In 1962, she started her own software company, Freelance Programmers, out of her home. When she had stationary made for her new company she half-jokingly put the name all in lowercase, because “we had no capital at all.” Nevertheless, she began to recruit women who had similarly been forced into “early retirement” by having children or getting married.

Evelyn Berezin, 93, Dies; Built the First True Word Processor

Her device freed secretaries from the typewriter. But as word processing became ubiquitous, it helped eliminate their jobs.

J-deite RIDE unveiled

J-deite RIDE LLP built up a 2 seater transformable robot. Name of the robot is ‘J-deite RIDE’. J-deite RIDE is a kind of world’s first robot. He is 2 seater, transformable to car, walk itselves, and drive by battery energy.