Links for December 12, 2018

Physical game design quickstart toolkit

These questions are designed for use in a small-group situation where you want to add constraints up front in order to minimise the time it takes to get something playable. They’re not doing the same thing as the double diamond design approach, which is all about going broad at the beginning of the process – you could look at this as a way to get right to the end of the first diamond very quickly, if you like.

Allusionist 84. Trammels

Why would you write books or poems or plays with only one vowel? Or in palindromes? Or only using the example sentences in dictionaries? Sometimes you need to force yourself to jump a few hurdles (and perhaps the rest of the obstacle course) before your creativity will be unleashed.

Breaking Down the Beat: The Art and Science of Beatboxing

In each video, a beatboxer showcases a sound by producing it both in isolation and in the context of a larger beat. What you see are the movements of the lips, tongue, and other vocal tract articulators as they work together to produce these sounds.