Links for December 8, 2015

Cyberspace, the old-fashioned way

You can check out Yahoo’s home page from October 1996, using Internet Explorer 4.01; relive the heyday of the blink tag with JODI’s %20Location on Navigator 4.08 for Windows; delve into the archived hyperlinks of Heath Bunting’s readme. Or just enter any a web address, select your preferred browser, and set a target date for archived content; will check sites like Internet Archive for the closest match.

The Infocom Cabinet: Binders and Folders of Infocom, Inc. (1981-1987)

During his time at Infocom, Steve Meretzky meticulously gathered thousands of pages of notes, journals, maps, memos, forms and other printable materials related to all aspects of Infocom, and kept them in his basement for decades. During the GET LAMP production, Jason Scott scanned in roughly 9,000 pages of these documents across a number of months, borrowing the materials from Steve and scanning them as quickly as possible, at around 600dpi. From these scans, a portion was used in the GET LAMP movie to illustrate various scenes and descriptions by interviewees.

One Page Dungeon Contest

Way back in the blog scene of 2008, there was quite a bit of discussion about what is the best way to present a dungeon. Old adventure modules from the 70s were examined for inspiration and then new ideas were introduced to attempt to convey as much information about a dungeon as quickly as possible without overwhelming the reader. Out of the discussion, the “One Page Dungeon” format evolved.

Bread Face (@breadfaceblog) – A woman rolls her face on pieces of bread. As you do.