Links for December 7, 2018

Video Games In East Germany: The Stasi Played Along

In East Germany, a gamer scene emerged just before the fall of communism. Teenagers met at a computer club to swap and play C64 games. The state watched with interest.

Classic Tetris World Championship: How it became esport

“There are players that can tap the controller faster than I can hold it down,” Neubauer said. “It’s a physical technique, it’s going to change the way these tournaments are played in the future, it already has. I’m going to have to take my game to the next level. Honestly, it’s tough at this point, but I still think there’s room to go.”

Fallouts 5-75 reviewed

In the build-up to the release of Fallout 76, we felt it was important to put the game in its proper context. With that in mind, we commissioned games historian Nate Crowley – aka @FrogCroakley – to write capsure reviews of Fallouts 5 through 75.