Links for December 7, 2016

Delia’s Tatty Green Lampshade

One of Delia Derbyshire’s most loved natural sounds was the bell-like chime of a metal lampshade when it was struck with a soft-faced hammer. She described it as, “My most beautiful sound at the time was a tatty green BBC lampshade. It was the wrong colour, but it had a beautiful ringing sound to it.”

SpriteRecolour, an open source sprite recolouring tool

It can take any input sprite, and generate the assets required to render a palette-indexed version of that sprite at runtime, with the palette provided either as a texture (1D if < 256 colours, 2D if more, nearest power of 2), or as a list of shader parameters.

GitHub - dspinellis/unix-history-repo: Continuous Unix commit history from 1970 until today

The history and evolution of the Unix operating system is made available as a revision management repository, covering the period from its inception in 1970 as a 2.5 thousand line kernel and 26 commands, to 2016 as a widely-used 27 million line system. The 1.1GB repository contains about half a million commits and more than two thousand merges.... It has been created by synthesizing with custom software 24 snapshots of systems developed at Bell Labs, the University of California at Berkeley, and the 386BSD team, two legacy repositories, and the modern repository of the open source FreeBSD system. In total, about one thousand individual contributors are identified, the early ones through primary research. The data set can be used for empirical research in software engineering, information systems, and software archaeology.