Links For December 5, 2013

Alice Marwick: Myths around meritocracy and entrepeneurship in Silicon Valley reinforce old norms. And people are apparently still surprised by this.

It turns out that the entrepreneur as a “great man” falls into the myth of technical innovation in which individuals are responsible for progressive leaps in technology. Rather than a “great man” with a eureka moment who single-handedly invents something game-changing, most innovations involve parallel developments, uncredited contributors, failures and starts, and lengthy social histories — all of which make for a far less exciting narrative.

Mallory Ortberg: “Oh No! You’ve Pulled Yourself Up Too High By Your Own Bootstraps!

Two via EdSurge:

S.F. Unified has received large donations of iPads and cash from Salesforce founder Marc Benioff.

L.A. Unified is running into more hidden costs around its own iPad program.

Some more on Black MIDI and other superdense music.