Links for December 3, 2015

Why Don’t We “Like” Our Neighbors?

I’m not Facebook friends with my neighbors because I simply don’t know them that well, and I don’t have many venues to get to know them in. I don’t retweet my city council because most of my followers are geographically scattered and I don’t think they really care about tomorrow’s finance meeting. The internet is only useful for learning about our neighbors if we want to know about them and have the resources to build community-based tools. The latter is an issue of public divestment, but what about the former?

On Pandering

But whom do I mean when I say white male literati? Sounds like a conspiracy theory, one of my favorite genres of American storytelling. I mean the people and voices real and imagined in the positions of power (or at least influence) in writing and publishing, but mostly I mean the man in my mind.... He’s a white-haired chain smoker from New Mexico, the short story writer called “Cheever’s true heir.” It is Lee K. Abbot I hear in my mind.... I am speaking not of Lee Kitteridge Abbott the man but what he represents. Or rather I am talking about them both, about the representation and the man himself, for didn’t I know he would like that story, about an old prospector who finds a nubile young girl left for dead in the desert? Glad you like it, Lee. It’s for you.

Chuck D: ‘We battled the mainstream we fought every goddamn minute’

His main beef with modern hip-hop is simply that there are too many solo acts and not enough groups. “When I look at a guy like Kanye or Jay Z, the guys who are successful individuals, they’re fucking batty,” he says. “They’re out of their goddamn minds. They got no team. I’m a fan of Kanye’s rebellion. I’m not a fan of one-man teams as much. The thing that inspires me is I’m with my team. One person on stage, after 18 minutes they’d better be juggling lawnmowers or eating fire.”

Public Enemy-Welcome To The Terrordome