Links For December 3, 2013

Frank Chimero on designing natively for screens. It’s not about skeuomorphism vs. flatness, it’s about being dynamic:

A designer’s work is not only about how the things look, but also their behaviors in response to interaction, and the adjustments they make between their fixed states. In fact, designing the way elements adapt and morph in the in-between moments is half of your work as a designer. You’re crafting the interstitials.

Some of the Trail Blazers (who are awesome this season, by the way) have started watching game film on iPads during games to help them make adjustments.

Matthews told Blazersedge that he uses the tablet to examine plays on both sides of the ball. On his offensive touches, he’s concerned with his shooting form, whether he’s rushing his shots, and whether there were additional options available to him when the ball swings his way. On defensive plays, Matthews is checking for his stance, his spacing relative to his opponent, and how players are scoring on him.

Aldridge, by contrast, does not look at Portland’s defensive possessions, instead reviewing the opposition’s defensive coverages when he has the ball in the block or in isolation. Where are the double teams coming from? When do they come? Which of Portland’s shooters are opponents choosing to leave open? What are his passing options? He sounded like a football quarterback or an offensive coordinator when describing this instant, in-game “reading the defense” process.

“Sofles – Limitless” – graffiti and time lapse – two great tastes.