Links for December 1, 2015

JTV’s Radical Depiction of Early Motherhood

The truly radical thing about this season of Jane the Virgin has been how much of these first episodes have been about the unavoidable, unglamorous, and absolutely life-consuming physical reality of new motherhood. Jane Villanueva uses a breast pump. Frequently. She worries about her milk supply. Her body does not bounce back instantly. She is exhausted, and her baby’s presence is a new constant in her life. Even as the series juggles a dozen or more characters with five or six plotlines per episode, it is always meticulously careful to mention exactly who is taking care of Mateo at any given moment. As one example, during Rogelio’s final taping of Santos, Jane has to dash off to her grad school orientation. “Here, give me Mateo,” Xiomara says.

How Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Gets Filipino Culture Right

“When I had my final call with Aline and Rachel, I asked them why Josh was an Asian guy and not a white guy,” Rodriguez said in an interview. “They said they’d both grown up in Southern California near the beach. Of all the bros and attractive men they’d encountered, there were definitely Asians among them who were just as hot and as cool and attractive.” His ethnicity is also representative of a large swathe of the area’s demographics — of the approximately 3.5 million Filipino-Americans in the U.S., about a quarter of the population is concentrated in Southern California.

Samuel Beckett - Film (1965) – Starring Buster Keaton.