Building Behavior

A study of 11,000 children in the UK indicates that there is no correlation between video games and behavior problems. Large amounts of TV (3 hours or more daily) is associated with a small increase in behavior problems.

Research suggests that “huh?” is not only a word (as opposed to an onomatopoeia), but a universal one. The Language Log thread has opinions on this.

SimCityEDU is a modified version of SimCity 5 geared towards classroom use.

The game is less about building cities and more about modifying pre-built ones to meet objectives (like reducing pollution levels to a certain range). Each in-game mission has a 10-15 minute limit, presumably to fit within class time constraints. And the accompanying concept map activities feel more like a reading comprehension exercise than a game.

A team at the University of Sasketchewan has built a toolkit for using a wheelchair as a game controller via a Kinect.

Ping-pong + projection mapping + audio triggers = Beat Match.