Beyond the Valley of the Silicon

Why does America hate Silicon Valley?

Our CEOs will fly to Washington to complain about the poor state of education in the US. But why don't they walk down the street and address a high school? We have all these rock star CEOs that could inspire so many local students.... What's the point in having these high tech giants in our midst when there is little advantage to the communities that surround them? They want special treatment; they want to pay less taxes or hardly any taxes; they would rather be a burden on their neighbors than ease the burden of others.

Luckily, the usual SV suspects aren’t the only people doing interesting things with computers…

New game studio Campo Santo is being backed by Portland-based software studio Panic.

Nominees for the 2013 Interactive Fiction Competition are up and voting is open through November 15.

Steven Lavelle has released Puzzlescript, a very lightweight scripting language for making Sokoban-style puzzle games in HTML5.

PETSCII allows you to make Commodore-style character art without dusting off your old VIC-20.

Here is a nice reference for easing functions, with code snippets for using them in web pages.

ZenMOO was once a thing.

Boston Dynamics has built a robot that runs at a full gallop.