Links for August 30, 2016

Your Vacation Mission? Find This Stolen Horse

To live in the Bay Area is to watch a certain formula harden in your mind: overnight excursion equals bottle of wine, hot tub and catching up on old New Yorker magazines. Amy and I now found ourselves on an entirely different trajectory. As I drove, Amy rode shotgun, eyes glued to the iPad.... Attuned to the task at hand, suspicious of everything, our senses sharpened. We looked at people more closely, looked at California more closely. Amy noted that she’d never really gazed up at the cathedral of redwood branches arching overhead on Lucas Valley Road. “We shell shock you into receptivity,” Mr. Smedresman told me later.

Engage the mind & body: Experience design lessons from the first 10 years of Come Out & Play

When people are just standing around, un-activated you realize Crowds are really boring. When you see that group come to life through directed, frenzied action you realize, Mobs are Really Exciting. You also realize, Mobs are Hard to Control. As designer you of live experiences you should strive to create situations that feel like safe, fun mobs, while avoiding the creation of situations where big groups are standing around with very little to do.

fun games (with images, tweets) · hollygramazio

This is a joke format and it’s an observational framework and it’s folk game design practice, and it’s a wonderful and flexible thing. Look at the examples above: “fun game” is a way for someone to share something unpleasant that’s happening, to complain about it without complaining, to use the uncertainty of their unpleasant situation to present whatever’s happening as play.