Links For August 27, 2015

Television 2015: Is There Really Too Much TV?

Those 400 shows are not — and in particular, those 211 shows in 2009 were not — representing the tastes, thoughts or voices of everyone equally. Outlets like FX and HBO, for instance, have long made dramas that, brilliant as they often are, look mostly through white male creators’ eyes, mostly at what white male leads do. But Netflix made Orange Is The New Black. Amazon made Transparent.... If there is to be a contraction that works to the benefit of the industry and the audience at large, it can’t come from cutting off newcomers and telling them we’re full, or from raising the bar to get your show made or renewed or reviewed.... So it’s not as simple as “too much.” It’s partly that if you don’t make room, sometimes people knock the walls down and make the space bigger, and if it turns out that the space is now unworkably big, you can’t expect the last people who got in to be the first ones who offer to leave, and you may lose the right to work the door.

‘Bring It On’: The Complete Oral History

WONG: It’s not about being a gracious winner, it’s about being a gracious loser, because generally that’s what happens when you play competitive sports. You have to power through that; and what does that say about [her] character? We were with the idea, we loved the fact that this is a “Rocky” with girls, a “Rocky” for girls.

All Creative Work Is Derivative