Links for August 26, 2019

How to run a small social network site for your friends

The main reason to run a small social network site is that you can create an online environment tailored to the needs of your community in a way that a big corporation like Facebook or Twitter never could. Yes, you can always start a Facebook Group for your community and moderate that how you like, but only within certain bounds set by Facebook. If you (or your community) run the whole site, then you are ultimately the boss of what goes on.

Thread by robin on Rosegarden, archived six hours ago

There’s another kind of feedback, called negative feedback. A thermostat uses negative feedback; so does a human body. When your temperature rises, you begin to sweat, which cools you down. When your temperature dips, you begin to shiver, which warms you up. Negative feedback is the feedback of stability and health. These platforms could add negative feedback a hundred different ways.

Private Games

Many of my favorite games to write have been written for specific people. As indie designers, we talk about writing for the market (which involves a lot of guessing, because who can read the minds of the…

doodle place

doodle-place is an online world inhabited by animate doodles. You can wander around and view doodles created by users around the globe, or contribute your own.