Links For August 23, 2014

Robin Williams, Oscar-Winning Comedian, Dies at 63

Robin Williams, the comedian who evolved into the surprisingly nuanced, Academy Award-winning actor, imbuing his performances with wild inventiveness and a kind of manic energy, died on Monday at his home in Tiburon, Calif., north of San Francisco. He was 63.

For the sake of Michael Brown

We believe it is because not nearly enough capable people with resources in this region have heeded our plea that we have reached this crisis point of complete breakdown, when the St. Louis region has entered the world’s spotlight, not as one of its great places to live and work, but as one of its war zones. We need peace. But first, we need justice and equity, so that Michael Brown’s death is not wasted, like so many young black lives before his, and with them the future prospects of this region and nation.

Welcome to Epic, A School Where Students Are Heroes On a Quest

One goal of Epic is to help students become self-directed, motivated learners. Most incoming students will be coming from traditional schools where they were told what to do and when. Epic’s teaching staff is expecting that it may be tough at the outset to help build up students’ intrinsic motivation to learn. They hope that through the continuous game play and competition, students will soon value their personal growth over any extrinsic motivator like badges or points.

Characteristics of Arts Groups that Engage New and Diverse Participants (PDF)

Whatever their past efforts to diversify participants, many arts leaders are coming to understand that program, marketing and social media strategies are not the only pieces required to solve the long-term engagement puzzle. There is growing awareness that achieving lasting engagement by participants who reflect our changing demographics involves broader organizational change.... This report offers an initial framework of key organizational characteristics for cultural institutions that are genuinely engaging participants who reflect their communities’ changing demographics.

A Grounded Goth Teen Angrily Renames Household Items

Pillo Games

Ever dreamt of gaming with your pillow? PILLO is your pillow-game-controller! … By hugging, pressing or squeezing the PILLO controller, two players (always) together control the game. Creating a truly shared and coöperative playful experience.