Art in funny shapes

A trailer for “Sad Stonewash” by Luke Wyatt:

Emily Short runs down her favorites from this year’s IF Comp and discusses the state of the field, including the rise in popularity of hypertext and CYOA engines vs. traditional parser-based engines and the inevitable “which interactive fiction is more interactive?” question:

I feel like there’s actually been a bit of a breakdown in the use of terminology that used to be standard for discussing these ideas within the IF community. That is to say, I feel like five or ten years ago we had a common critical vocabulary robust enough to talk about what is going on in low-agency, linear, or hypertext games, but that the community has shifted enough not to be using that vocabulary now that there are lots of such games to talk about.

Noah Falstein provides a quick rundown of Google Glass as a potential platform for games.

Once upon a time, comic strips made of clay were an actual thing in actual newspapers.

Anthony Howe makes kinetic scluptures.