Links for April 29, 2018

The Disgrace of Minor League Baseball

So why do minor league basketball and hockey players get a better deal than minor league baseball players, despite those leagues’ parent clubs bringing in less money overall? It’s not because basketball and hockey owners are less interested in maximizing profits at all costs.... No, it’s about power and leverage.

Brandon Belt’s Record-Breaking At-Bat, A Minute By Minute Retelling

11:14 - Pickoff throw to first. - Barria attempts to take advantage of Joe Panik, who also does not have an animal totem. Unfortunately, he does not realize that Panik has a rock band as his totem, and he has been drawing energy from them for a while now.... Kuiper says that this has got to be at least a ten minute at-bat. He’s off. It has been 11 minutes and 26 seconds since Belt first stepped into the box.

Sakeru Gum series さけるグミ #1-11 complete (Eng SUB)