Links for April 26, 2016

Dwarf Fortress’ creator on how he’s 42% towards simulating existence

I think more than half the people that play the game use a pack that includes tilesets and workflow management stuff that makes the game more responsive to your desires rather than fumbling around looking for what random key I picked for [whatever]. I do remedy certain deficits, and I’ve also gotten better about alphabetising lists, letting you type things in to find things in lists. All the new lists are pretty good. So I’m learning my own lessons and applying them, remembering to do them. But I don’t really see, at this point, a gear change into polish mode. I think we’re kind of okay. I’m okay with it, and, you know, there’s a lot of Dwarf Fortress-adjacent games now, and you can get a lot of the experience with a graphical game, and there’s more and more coming out. - Public NetHack Server – Telnet or web interface.

manygolf – Massively multiplayer Desert Golfing. – Massively multiplayer Snake.

BOX-256 – Very TIS-100-ish.