Links For April 26, 2015

Why I Feel Trapped In San Francisco

Unfortunately, the very thing that’s making me want to take a break from San Francisco is also the thing that’s keeping me here. Because, thanks to the influx of tech companies and the resulting record-high rental market, I actually can’t move away from San Francisco unless I want to leave forever. Giving up my rent-controlled apartment would mean giving up the only thing that allows me to even be able to (barely) afford to live in San Francisco in 2015. That’s right: I can either leave San Francisco permanently. Or I can stay until I die. There isn’t an in between. At least not in this housing market.

Tartine And Blue Bottle Merge; Bar Tartine Sold To Chefs, Will Get New Name

Tartine Bakery, which already had vague plans to expand to New York, announces that it will be joining forces with Blue Bottle Coffee, and actually becoming part of the Blue Bottle brand.... What this also means, and this is big news for the San Francisco dining scene, is that longtime Mission satellite restaurant Bar Tartine is getting sold to co-chefs Nicolas Balla and Cortney Burns.

The Panhandle Freeway And The Revolt That Saved The Park

Freeway advocates pushed forward with the Panhandle as the main artery to connect northwest San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge to the rest of the peninsula. The partially submerged design, showing the connection to the Central Freeway in Hayes Valley. After nearly a decade of controversies, the City Recreation and Parks commission unanimously approved the Panhandle proposal on July 10th 1964, despite a large protest [at] Golden Gate Park’s McLaren Lodge.... For this reason, many San Francisco old-timers call it the Wreck-Parks Dept.

How the Sunset became “The Sunset”

The organization needed a name to distinguish it from the already established South Side Improvement Club, which was made up of absentee millionaire real estate speculators and land developers who had no real-life interest in the neighborhood and were not affected by the high-handedness of the Southern Pacific Company. One member, Gus Fox, suggested “Sunset District Improvement Club” in recognition of the magnificent sunset the group had just witnessed outside the hall.