Women in early electronic music

Suzanne Ciani

Omni-Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani - “The Fifth Wave: Water Lullaby” (1982)

Laurie Spiegel

Part 1: Laurie Spiegel Bell Labs Interview 1984

Laurie Spiegel plays Alles synth

Eliane Radigue

Eliane Radigue - IMA Portrait documentary

Eliane Radigue - Adnos I (excerpt)

Wendy Carlos

Wendy Carlos Circular Controller used for Kubrick’s The Shining.

Pauline Oliveros

KQED Spark: Pauline Oliveros

Pauline Oliveros - Bye Bye Butterfly

Delia Derbyshire

Delia Derbyshire - Sculptress of Sound documentary 1/7

DELIA DERBYSHIRE ziwzih ziwzih Oo-Oo-Oo 1968

Daphne Oram

Daphne Oram documentary - Wee Have Also Sound-Houses

Daphne Oram Oramics Machine Feature on BBC Click 8/1/12