Links for April 16, 2018

In Defense of Design Thinking, Which Is Terrible

Who should be here? An independent voice, a critic whose job it is to think and talk about and interrogate design. Someone whose income is not derived from the practice of design, whose agenda is clear and unbiased when it comes to interrogating design’s practices, its implications, and its people. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of independent design critics. This is true for a host of reasons. And whether it’s a cause or an effect, the fact of the matter is that design discourse is dominated by designers, and that is a major defect of our industry.

Take your time: the seven pillars of a Slow Thought manifesto

Slow Thought is marked by peripatetic Socratic walks, the face-to-face encounter of Levinas, and Bakhtin’s dialogic conversations. These three philosophers share a methodical, deliberate, indeed almost plodding approach to working on philosophical puzzles.... All three philosophers share thinking as a relational activity – slowed down by walking around the public square and in a face-to-face dialogue.

Juana Molina - Cosoco