Links for April 13, 2017

'Ghost in the Shell': 4 Japanese Actresses Dissect the Movie and Its Whitewashing Twist

[Ai] Yoshihara: And the last scene where the mom hugs her daughter at the grave, that was weird to me. Because Japanese people, we don’t hug, especially mom’s generation. Maybe an intense look instead.

[Traci] Kato-Kiriyama: They’d be crying. And they wouldn’t be looking at each other, they’d be looking down.

The Director Of The Music Video That Predicted The Kendall Jenner Pepsi Ad Speaks Out

If you were ever in doubt about the carnivorous nature of advertising, then this Pepsi ‘spot’ says it all. It so insults everyone’s intelligence that it’s disturbing, what is this culture that we choose to live in that engenders such naked cynicism, is advertising the pornography of capitalism? Vanillarizing our expressions of outrage, cashing in on the very frustrations that this system creates. Right now big business is laughing, clutching our hard earned dollar and hard earned dignity all the way to the bank. Our love, our sweat, our beauty is being sold back to us, two for the price of one.

The Chemical Brothers - Out Of Control