Links for April 12, 2016

Design for Real Life

The more users have opened up to you in the research phase, the more likely you are to have a wealth of real, human emotion in your data to draw from.... Look for, or shoot your own, images of people who don’t fit the mold of a cheerful stock photo.... More realistic personas make it much easier to imagine moments of crisis, and to test scenarios that might trigger a user’s stressors. Remember that “crisis” doesn’t have to mean a natural disaster or severe medical emergency. It can be a situation where an order has gone horribly wrong, or where a user needs information while rushing to the airport.

Brief Bibliography about IF History

Recently someone contacted me asking to link an article explaining the difference between “old” and “new” IF. I don’t know of any such article that’s remotely up to date. Besides, this is not as easy to answer as they might have hoped, even if you agree on what we’re counting as “old” for these purposes. But here is a sort of periodization.


Trailer for Godfrey Reggio’s Koyannisqatsi reconstructed shot-by-shot with modern, watermarked stock footage. A testament to Reggio’s influence on contemporary motion photography, and the appropriation of his aesthetic by others for commercial means.