Links For April 12, 2014

Researcher reveals how “Computer Geeks” replaced “Computer Girls”

As historian Nathan Ensmenger explained to a Stanford audience, as late as the 1960s many people perceived computer programming as a natural career choice for savvy young women. Even the trend-spotters at Cosmopolitan Magazine urged their fashionable female readership to consider careers in programming.... As computer scientist Dr. Grace Hopper told a reporter, programming was “just like planning a dinner. You have to plan ahead and schedule everything so that it’s ready when you need it…. Women are ‘naturals’ at computer programming.” James Adams, the director of education for the Association for Computing Machinery, agreed: “I don’t know of any other field, outside of teaching, where there’s as much opportunity for a woman.”

400,000 Stars – The Memory Palace podcast on “Pickering’s Harem”, a team of women hired to do astronomical observation and calculation in the late 19th century.

What I Learned from Beck (the rock star) about Participatory Arts

When you are developing a participatory project with non-professionals, it usually involves changing the process from the norm. That’s expected. What’s less expected is that the product itself is often restructured to meet the particular needs and assets of the participants involved.

Real Artists Have Day Jobs

The biggest myth we are fed as artists is that we need to sustain ourselves solely on our art. This is ridiculous. Every artist has at some point in time had some other job. Some of them kept these jobs their entire lives. In the latter category: William Carlos Williams was a doctor in New Jersey; Henry Darger was a custodian in Chicago; Harvey Pekar was a VA Hospital clerk in Cleveland.

The San Francisco Envy Chain – I know that it’s the NYT and they have a strange perspective on housing, but this is a weird article.

Roundup of Unity-related links:

FUTILE 2D – WIP 2D framework for Unity, used to make Disco Zoo.

MrJoy/UnityColorBlindness – Unity image filter that simulates color blindness.

FRACT Audio Tech: Wrapping Pure Data – Integrating Pd into Unity. I can’t wait to play this.

ashima/webgl-noise – Noise generation routines for GLSL.