Links for April 10, 2016

Once upon a time, the Nets seriously considered becoming the Swamp Dragons

O’Grady sifted through his archives, and unearthed a treasure: mock-ups of all the proposed uniforms, court designs, logos, shooting shirts, and warmup jackets – most of which have never been made public – the New Jersey Nets conjured when they nearly changed their name to Swamp Dragons two decades ago. Yes, this happened. It was a flashbulb moment for any NBA geek growing up in the Tri-State area – a goof only the sad-sack Nets would try.

The Complete Conceptual History of the Millennium Falcon

Moreover, the hamburger notion might really have arisen not from someone binging at the local McD’s, but from settling the idea of a saucer with the existing design language, as also seen in the Pirate Ship design; essentially two plates with greebly stuff in between them, as it had been since Cantwell’s early sketches. It’s distinctive in his early Star Destroyer paintings and the model itself, and it features prominently on the Pirate Ship model.