Links For April 6, 2014

GDC 2014 It’s Full of People

The new expressive game genre creates emotional connection with emotions coming from the direct experiences of play moment to moment rather than dividing a narrative into a sequence of three acts.... Examples of games that create tension and emotion abounded through the rest of the event and at the awards. These new games set sail for unexplored engagement horizons with structures that come from and feel more like games than any other medium.

The Velvet Ropes of GDC

This VIP culture is toxic to our conferences, and feeds the worst insecurities of our industry. It creates an environment in which some voices are more important than others. It artificially imposes celebrity. And to an outsider, it comes off as the ridiculous. This dynamic will exist whether we foster it or not, so it seems ridiculous to actively cultivate it.

Music Object, Substance, Organism (GDC 14)

Games evangelists and naysayers

On the surface, the project is clearly well-intentioned. Who wouldn’t want to help prevent or ease the suffering of PTSD? However, in the tone of the post, the presentation of the science, and the demands for crowdsourcing test subjects, it is a shockingly irresponsible and unethical project. It is a project through which we can vividly see all the problems with what I’m going to call the “games evangelism industry”. This is an industry of individuals and organisations that has a self-aggrandising need to convince both others and itself that games are good and can fix problems and, to paraphrase the title of McGonigal’s own book, can save the world.