Links for August 1, 2019

‘Now pour the tea’: An Aesthetic Evaluation of Picard’s Tea Sets

Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s famous drink order “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot,” is among the Star Trek universe’s most well-known sayings. It’s become synonymous with Patrick Stewart’s Picard. Along with the…

The Trade Journal Cooperative

The Trade Journal Cooperative (TJC) is a subscription service which delivers a lovingly curated niche trade journal to your door every quarter. Our editors painstakingly comb through the back alleys of capitalism to bring you fascinating publications like Pasta Professional, American Funeral Director, and Plumber Magazine.

Tortoise | TNT Full Set

Stereolab live at Pitchfork Music Festival 2019 (Full HD)

Links for July 28, 2019

The Machine Intelligence of Autechre’s Confield

Instead, what we hear transforms the repetitive, rotational gear-grinding of Tri Repetae and Chiastic Slide into a study of complex systems, the sounds of neural networks and telecommunication hubs. Booth and Brown seem especially careful about how they open each of their albums; though it’s unclear what their intentions are here, if they had had any hopes of disruption, then their efforts were a success. The effect — both as an isolated listening experience and with greater respect to their evolution as producers — is jarring.

Where Does Generative Design Belong? Designers Must Decide

“With generative design it’s possible to create structures that we, as human designers and engineers, could never have created otherwise,” said Andrew Morandi, senior product designer, Volkswagen Group. “One of the biggest surprises for me was seeing just how much material you could remove from a conventional wheel structure.”

Word2vec: fish + music = bass

We know word2vec is rather good at certain kinds of analogies… Now let’s venture beyond these solid, stolid examples. We can use it on things that don’t have as clear-cut answers as do country capitals or past tenses. We can use it on cloudier concepts, and the results we get are occasionally surprising and appealing!

30 Weird Chess Algorithms: Elo World

Links for July 22, 2019

How to Draw a Stick Figure: a Complex Guide

With that remarkable skill, your dreams would come true! Imagine people approaching you on the street and asking you to draw a stick figure for them! You could become rich and famous! All you need to do to make it come true is to follow this life-changing tutorial. Let’s get started!

Krazy Kat Comics

This page goes into detail on how I used Machine Learning to find hundreds of Krazy Kat comics that are now in the public domain. As a result of this project, several hundred high resolution scans of Krazy Kat comics are now easily available online, including a comic that I couldn’t find in any published book!

The Don Martin Dictionary – Alphabetical list of sound effects from the pages of MAD Magazine.

Links for July 17, 2019

Doctor Who theme - Peter Howell’s Masterclass (1981)

Doctor Who | Jodie Whittaker - ’80s Title Sequence

Laverne & Nyssa & Shirley & Tegan

Links for July 14, 2019

This Woman Is Photographing Every Federally Recognized Native American Tribe

Matika Wilbur of Project 562 is documenting every federally recognized Native American tribe in the U.S.

Legend of the Skate Patrol, guardians of Golden Gate Park

Forty years ago, San Francisco almost banned roller skating in the park — until a band of skating enthusiasts who cared about the sport and the scene united to save it.

NASA Live: Earth Views from the Space Station

Links for June 16, 2019

An injury left Olafur Arnalds unable to play, so he turned to machines

Following nerve damage, Icelandic composer/producer/musician was unable to play the piano. With his ‘Ghost Pianos’, he gets that ability back, through intelligent custom software and mechanical pianos.

Ólafur Arnalds: Tiny Desk Concert

The Icelandic composer is joined by two “ghost” pianists, making mysterious and memorable music at the Tiny Desk.


Links for June 9, 2019

Why Does English Have More Words for Sports Officials Than Any Other Language?

So the terms have slightly different base meanings and are not interchangeable, but their use in English does not follow any established pattern between sports. The lead official in a National Basketball Association game is a referee. In Major League Baseball, it’s an umpire. Tennis, American football, and lacrosse all have both referees and a variety of judges.

As a matter of fact, American football has a whopping seven officials: a referee (who’s in charge), an umpire, a down judge, a line judge, a side judge, a back judge, and a field judge. “There are so many cops on the field in a football game,” says Rosenthal. “The NFL [National Football League] is basically just enforcing rules and people happen to be playing a game in the meantime.”

Spelling Bee ends in an unprecedented 8-way tie

Entendrepreneur Portmanteau & Rhyme Generator

Links for May 27, 2019

Don Norman on how design fails older consumers

These thoughtless, inappropriate designs are not limited to Apple. New technologies tend to rely on display screens, often with tiny lettering, with touch-sensitive areas that are exceedingly difficult to hit as eye-hand coordination declines. Physical controls are by far the easiest to control–safer too, especially in safety-critical tasks such as driving a car, but they are disappearing. Why? To save a few cents in manufacturing and in a misplaced desire to be trendy. Speech can be a useful substitute for physical controls, though not as helpful as proponents claim.

The Dark Forest Theory of the Internet

This is the atmosphere of the mainstream web today: a relentless competition for power. As this competition has grown in size and ferocity, an increasing number of the population has scurried into their dark forests to avoid the fray.… The dark forests grow because they provide psychological and reputational cover. They allow us to be ourselves because we know who else is there.… They cap the downsides of looking bad and the upsides of our best jokes by virtue of a contained audience.

Janet’s Void: What Actually Happens When * BING *

Links for May 20, 2019

The Origin Of The Term “Gamer”

The first known record of the word was found in the English town of Walsall and dates back to approximately 1422.... When they said “gamer,” what they meant was “gambler.” And this association lasted well into the 19th century.

Depressed and Anxious? These Video Games Want to Help

Some in the industry said the interactive nature of games made them more effective than film or television at dealing with mental health. Embodying a video game character who suffers from depression might leave a deeper impression of the challenges of the illness than simply watching a film about the same character, for example. Video games can be “a more effective way of bouncing back from negative moods than passive forms of media like TV or movies,” said Raffael Boccamazzo, a mental health practitioner in Seattle who works with Take This.

How Bullet Hell Games Helped Me Work Through Anxiety

From my experience, the most important part of CBT is the exposure part. That doesn’t necessarily mean putting yourself in dangerous situations, but it does mean actually confronting anxiety-inducing tasks.... The pixel-perfect precision bullet hell games demanded of players gave me something to hyper-fixate on besides my anxiety. I wasn’t running away from my real-life issues, either — I was practicing patience, control of a task, and completion, slowly chipping away at my anxiety.

Meshell Ndegeocello - Waterfalls (Official Video)

Links for May 12, 2019

The Chinese Burner

A Chinese science fiction writer goes to Burning Man.

Slow art? It will ‘blow your mind’

To get people in the mood for slow art, Christie’s, the V&A and the Natural History Museum have been offering yoga and sound meditation baths before visitors step foot into their exhibitions. But rather than putting them in a trance, it’s all about switching on their senses.

“When the Natural History Museum was built and founded it was called a cathedral to nature and people used to come in and take their hats off in awe,” says Lucy Woodbridge, head of events at the Natural History Museum, who likens slow art to sacred looking.

“And this is what we want: a place of learning and stopping and a deeper level of engagement and just allowing people to see more.”

Damian Lillard Shot In LEGO